Surge Protection

Surge Protection services:

  • Survey through to installation
  • In line with BS 7671 and BS EN 62305-4
  • DEHN Surge Protection Devices complying with EN61643-11
  • 3 Phase and single phase units

Osborne Delta provide a full surge protection package from survey, through to installation, in line with all the requirements in BS 7671 and BS EN 62305-4 for any project.
We use Dehn surge protection products which are all tested to and comply with EN61643-11 the surge protection standard for the UK.

It is essential to protect against transient over-voltages. Harmful transient over voltages can occur for many different reasons:

  • Direct lightning strikes to a structure. (L.E.M.P.) lightning electromagnetic pulse.
  • Indirect lightning strikes to a service line going into a structure.
  • Surges within the electric system of a structure. (S.E.M.P.) switching electromagnetic pulse.

Osborne Delta can supply a range of products that are able to protect power supplies or equipment you may require, no matter how specialist.

The correct installation of effective surge protection measures/devices can prevent the often devastating effects of the above. Effective surge protection can:

  • Prevent dangerous sparking, a major cause of fire therefore preserving life.
  • Prevent major damage to circuits and expensive equipment.
  • Prevent potential info/data loss.
  • Prevent damage to sensitive/lifesaving equipment.
  • Prevent long periods of non-productive ‘down’ time whilst waiting for lengthy repairs to damaged systems and equipment.
  • Extend the life span of your expensive sensitive equipment.

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