Earthing Systems

Earthing & Related Services

  • Installation, test and commission of new systems
  • Test and commission of existing systems
  • Soil resistivity surveys and interpretation
  • System alterations and maintenance
  • Earth resistance measurement

Osborne Delta can safely supply and install Earthing Systems, meeting the requirements of BS 7430:2011, Code of Practice for protective earthing of electrical installations.

Earthing & Related Services include:

  • Continuity and Earth Resistance Soil resistivity tests
  • Installation of new earthing systems
  • HV&LV & Generators Earthing
  • Meter room & Substation earthing
  • CHP/Gas & Diesel Generation Earthing
  • Brazing /Cadwelds joints undertaken
  • Testing of existing earthing systems
  • System maintenance and alteration of existing systems

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