Scape Living Student Accommodation

The Building: Scape, Guildford.

What the client needed: Free Standing Air Terminal Rods

The Scape is an inspirational place for students who want to live and work in London or Surrey.

For their Guildford accommodation, Scape needed to protect their solar panels against direct lightning strikes and damage.

Scape approached Osborne Delta as they wanted recommendations for lightning protection. We recommended to the client that they follow the industry best practice by installing free-standing air terminal rods to protect the solar panels on the roof.

Osborne Delta recommended the solution that included using Dehn UK products, as we only believe in using the best quality products and Dehn are well-known worldwide leading supplier.

Our team installed these free-standing air terminal rods within the designated timeframe and budget agreed with the client. The client was extremely happy with the service that was provided by us.

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